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Stephen Gensinger, CEO

International Petroleum Technologies, Inc.

S.G. Second Generation, LLC

Green Clean Products, LLC

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Tel: 561-379-3221


Dear Client,


We are offering our proprietary formulations complete with backup tests and listings for sale due to illness of our principal.  The complete portfolio of products are listed at  Products are manufactured at Hialeah, Florida using our proprietary formulations.


Some of our products were tested and listed by Underwriter Laboratories (UL) C.D.D.R.A, Center for Pollution France, Factory Mutual (FM) EPA National Contingency Plan and many were tested by at least 25 different testing labs in the United States, overseas and in the field.


The business was established in 1980, manufacturing and selling Fuel Buster, firefighting and oil cleanup products which were sold worldwide through independent distributors.  In 1986, We established International Petroleum Technologies, Inc., followed by S.G. Second Generation, LLC and Green Clean Products, LLC.


If you would like addiitonal information regarding this opportunity or know someone who is, please contact us at or 561-379-3221.  Commissions will be paid based on final transaction.





Stephen Gensinger






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